Monday, September 20, 2010

ATX Ladies Who Brunch

Yesterday we had our first ever ATX Ladies Who BRUNCH.  Our new schedule is lunch, brunch, happy hour.  This week was brunch.  Why is brunch so fabulous?  Because you get to drink champagne (in the form of mimosas) in the morning/ afternoon.  Don't the fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiast gals of Austin look super cute?

If you are interested in joining in on this sexy group, you must be willing to discuss any or all of these topics:

-social media
-boys (or men? no, all men are boys)

Head over to New to ATX to find out more info. and get to know Grechen who started all of this.  Special thanks to Cassiday who organized this week's brunch, and to Blue Star Cafeteria for letting us have a place to do the brunching.

keep austin stylish


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the picture! I hope that next time we get to chat a little more, and also I hope you feel better soon!

joanna said...

Thanks Katy! I am finally on the road to recovery. Looking forward to the next brunch, lunch, or happy hour. I guess the next thing is happy hour.