Friday, September 24, 2010

An Urban Menagerie

I'ts been really dreary in Austin lately.  But I've been day dreaming of colorful prints and patterns.  I've really gotten into the idea of mixing and matching prints, patterns and colors that you might not normally think of matching together.  Sometimes it's nice to keep your outfit as unexpected as the rain.
All the clothes and accessories seen here are available for purchase in your local boutiques.

Bow headband: Blackbird, Top: SoLa, Suspenders: Blackbird, Skirt: SoLa, Thigh highs: Blackbird, Shoes: Stella Says Go

Bow headband: Blackbird, Sweater: Adelante, Shorts: SoLa, Shoes: SoLa

Sunglasses: Adelante, Necklace: Adelante, Top: Adelante, Belt: Blackbird, Shorts: SoLa, Shoes: SoLa

Jacket: Adelante, Belt: Blackbird

Photographer: Jenny Fu
Models: Laura Martinez, Rose Tran, Joanna Wilkinson (me)
Stylists: Rose Tran, Joanna Wilkinson (me)

I had a great time getting to work with a team this time on a photo shoot.  Everyone did a great job!

Special thanks to AdelanteSoLaBlackbird, and Stella Says Go for the clothes and accessories.  And to my friend Bart for letting me steal his bike.

keep austin stylish


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I especially like the yellow!

Austin Music Diva said...

"All the clothes and accessories seen here are available for purchase in your local boutiques." Local boutiques, as in downtown? Cuz I gotta tell you, I love color and prints, but have a hard time finding fun pieces even for summer..

Any chance you can name some stores? thx, dee

joanna said...

I specified under the photos which pieces came from what stores with links to their websites. I also listed the stores again at the end of the post. Most of the clothes came from SoLa and Adelante which are both centrally located. SoLa has a south location as well.

jfungry said...

Love the post Joanna! Great Job! :)

Mikael Behrens said...

"as unexpected as the rain"

Love it!

Stella said...

Joanna!!! I love this post-the pictures and styling are amazing! Great job and hopefully I'll see you at yoga!

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

gorgeous shots and styling, awesome!

Diya said...

LOVE the print mixing...for some reason I've missed this post. Anyway now I'm sad for missing it!