Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recap: Rock + Runway Show

It may have been the first day of Fall, but the night was still balmy when Austinites gathered at ND at 501 Studios to celebrate men’s fashion.  Tribeza Style Week kicked off last Wednesday with the the Rock + Runway Men’s Show which presented the newest looks from three local stores - Service MenswearEstilo,  and Stag.

While images of Austin street-scapes flicked on a wall, models walked the runway showing off modern Ivy League looks mixed with sleek hipster-wear. Sweaters of all shapes and weights were featured along with jackets, sneakers, and midi-boots.

Cords and denim were popular pant choices. Many of the models wore a necktie or scarf. Plaids and 80s inspired prints were popular for shirts and some sport coats. Earth-tones were very prominent. Dain Higdon, owner of the Texas Clothier, commented that the look was a throw back to the traditional styles of the 1920s and 1930s, reinterpreted with a slimmer cut and modern details. 

Scanning the crowd, I mostly noticed the ubiquitous waistcoat paired with rolled jeans on the men. A few party goers particularly stood out to me, including Austin Chronicle Fashion Editor, Stephen Moser who had on a particularly eye catching jacket.

When asked about the event Moser said he was thrilled about the men’s show and stated that more shows focused on men's fashion are needed in Austin. 

Another outfit I was drawn to was that of Andrew Schlorff who paired a bowtie with shorts, a decidedly Austin way of mixing it up. His nod to the fall trend - a BOWTIE! - mixed with shorts kept him looking forward without ignoring our lack of cooler weather.

Editor's Note:
While the Rock + Runway show was a huge step towards bringing a focus to men's fashion in Austin, not all the attendees were impressed with the show.  Jeremiah Newton of Partay Peeps said "I kept feeling like what the guy near the stage was wearing was much more interesting than what the models where wearing."  To Jeremiah, guy's fashion has become one of two things: "boring with a flourish or way too over the top".  Jeremiah explained his desire for men's clothes that fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, is classically classy with a touch of attitude, and above all is affordable.

Until the men's store that Jeremiah desires opens up in Austin he will just have to stick to what he normally does and wear women's clothes instead.

I just hope this fashion show has paved the way for more men's fashion shows to happen in the future.  Thank you Tribeza for kicking off Style Week with a men's show.  Hopefully eventually we will get to see more shows of varied price ranges and styles.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for men's style in Austin.

What would y'all like to see change about men's fashion here in Austin?

Guest post by Kate Higdon
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