Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walkin

You might be thinkin "hey Joanna, it's still 95 degrees outside, I can't even think of putting on a tall boot."  Or maybe you're like me and are in denial that it's still hot and are already pairing your summer dresses with a fall boot.  Personally I consider boots to be a year round shoe because I am a huge fan of boots.  Why?  Because they are comfy, cute, practical, and look good with almost anything.  They also make me feel like I could run around in the tall grass and kick some ass if I needed to.

I recently went around town to see what boots the local stores have to offer us for this fall.  Amy from Stella Says Go (my new favorite place to find shoes) suggests y'all start looking for your fall/winter boots now so that you are guaranteed to find your size.  I agree.  It may be hot now but before you know it your feet will be dying to snuggle into a pair of socks and cute boots.  Luckily Austin has a wide variety of styles in a broad range of prices.  Check out these finds:
 SoLa, $58

Goodie Two Shoes, $46

Goodie Two Shoes, $36



This post makes me so happy.
Happy boot hunting!

keep austin stylish


Texanthropology said...

I love me a tall boot! But here's my problem -- I have puny, teeny, pathetic little calves. My bird legs mean most tall boots are all floppy on me. Any thoughts or solutions?

joanna said...

I would probably go with a style that camouflages it. Try one that is supposed to look worn and bunched, like the first 2 I posted. That grey one from SoLa also has sort of a built in sock-like part to it that I think would be more form fitting to your leg. You could also maybe try a lace up boot and see if you can tighten it to fit your little legs. ALSO you might try that tan one from Y&I. If you notice the shape of it compared to the others, it is more straight. All the other boots fan out at the top to take into consideration the calf. That Y&I one appears to just be small and straight (just like your legs!) Most importantly, you should just be happy to have this problem instead of the opposite. I have witnessed many girls try and squeeze their leg into a tall boot with no luck.