Sunday, September 19, 2010

Limited Edition Austin TOMS

I know some of you are still not on the TOMS bandwagon (and may never be), but for those of you who love the casual comfort of a pair of TOMS, you might be interested in these.  Personally, I'm not a fan of shoes with writing all over them...but I think it's super cool that the city of Austin has its own limited edition of TOMS, don't you??  I do think Austin is a very TOMS appreciative city.  We like comfort, we like casual, and we like giving back.  I wear my classic navy TOMS every day to yoga.

These limited edition Austin TOMS will go on sale exclusively at Tyler's on the Drag on Thursday, Oct. 7th starting at 2pm.  This is the day before ACL, and I happen to think TOMS are an excellent choice for footwear at ACL.

Will you be purchasing a pair of Austin TOMS?

keep austin stylish


Diya said...

hrm... kinda cool but the little slogans sound a bit touristy...maybe I'll drop by to at least see them in person but isn't Tyler's sorority girls central??? :O

livin wide said...

saw these and at first was sad that i just bought a red pair but now...don't think i would have liked them with writing all over. plus...i think they should have been in burnt orange!