Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Grass is Greener

The grass is greener when you have bright bold summer dresses to wear.  These are a few of my favorite dresses I have been wearing this summer so far.  Some are new and some are old.  In my opinion you can never have too many of these types of dresses.  Not only are they practical to wear all summer long in the Austin heat, but they are CUTE.  Plus, some of these you could wear year round by accessorizing and adding layers when it's colder.

The coral one with the front zipper was purchased at SoLa a few months ago.  The second one with the multi-colored tropical print I got at Anthropologie very recently.  The third longer one with the ikat print I got 2 years ago at Old Navy and in my opinion is still in style (and also really comfy).  The white one I also got recently at Anthropologie.  No summer is complete without a white dress.  The last one with the pansies I got at Feathers and was a steal, plus, you can't even see the back which is the best part.  Maybe you will get to see that part in a future post.

Oh and by the way, a majority of these dresses have POCKETS.  Isn't it glorious when you find a cute dress with pockets?

And one thing to note since 2 of these dresses came from Anthropologie...Anthropologie in the Domain is opening this Friday May 28th.

keep austin stylish


Paulina said...

All these dresses are so cute! I'm still trying to find that perfect floral dress.

Hope you weren't too itchy after the photos!

joanna said...

Haha. I was a little itchy, but hopefully it was worth it. I also did this shoot in the middle of cooking dinner because that was when the lighting was the best. So in between chopping veggies I would run out and snap a few. It was crazy but fun.