Saturday, May 1, 2010

UT "High Voltage" Fashion Show Recap: Part 1

The UT fashion show has come a long way in the past years. When I was at UT I was a member of the University Fashion Group which plays a big part in putting this show together. Not only has the production value of the show grown since I was a University Fashion Group member, but the designs that the students present have improved as well. I was very impressed with all the work presented at the show. Even though I didn't love every collection or every piece, I could still see the hard work and effort that was put into these designs. Congratulations to all these newborn fashion designers. Y'all have bright futures ahead of you.

32 collections walked the runway. Here are some of the main collections (stay tuned for my post on the evening and bridal portions of the show):

Designer: Julia Goodman

I loved the vintage 1930s look of this collection.  It was one of my favorites.  I just wish it had more prints and color.

Designer: Jill-Lancaster Watson
winner of "Most Marketable"
I can see why this collection won Most Marketable.  The designs were inoffensive, the cuts were flattering, and the prints were inspired by nature which is universally recognized and always in style.
Designer: Elizabeth Wong
Honorable Mention "Most Marketable"
I thought this collection was cool and the inspiration (Rorschach and the atomic bomb) intriguing.  Although, I found that the printed dress was very similar to things that walked the runway for the Spring 2010 collections.  It especially made me think of this Gucci dress (pictured on the right.)

Designer: Jennifer Sweetland

Jackie Williamson
Honorable Mention "Most Innovative"

Han Le

Fifile Nguyen
This was one of my favorite collections mostly because of that white and black dress on the left.

Designer: Elizabeth Ruiz
This collection was bohemian mixed with Rock n'Roll which is a combo that I love.

Designer: Brandy-Courtney Williams

Designer: Alexandra King
Winner of "Most Innovative"

Designer: Amanda Winski
The tagline for this collection was "Barbie goes to the Circus!" I thought it was fun and spunky.  Definitely wasn't going to win Most Marketable but I really like it and think it shows Amanda has a talent at making costumes.

Designer: Kat SalvanteThe tagline for this collection was "Sienna Miller Gets Trapped in the Chocolate Factory."  Definitely my favorite description of a collection.  I also really liked the fun prints and colors of this collection.

Designer: Lisa Husberg
Designer: Molly White
Honorable Mention "Most Well Constructed" They must have been looking at this collection when they came up with the name "High Voltage" for the show.  Everyone "ooohed" when this girl turned around and you could see this interesting back detail.  

Designer: Sarah Schoonover
The inspiration for this collection was the cover of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's album.

Designer: Sehr Hirani
"Indian inspiration meets Western culture."  I would have liked to have seen and felt this fabric up close because from afar it kinda came off looking like foil wrapping paper.

Designer: Steven Campos
Steven Campos stood out as being the only male designer in the group, but his designs also stood out as being some of the best.  I liked the sophisticated nerd look of this collection even though the male outfit and model are channeling one of the Jonas brothers.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my post which features the Evening Gown and Bridal portions of the show.


Anonymous said...

A correction on one of the descriptions, Jackie Williamson won Honorable Mention for Most Innovative and Alexandra King won the Most Innovative Collection Award.

joanna said...

oops! thanks for the correction

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