Friday, May 28, 2010

I Caved

So, I caved on all fronts today.  I've never been a fan of jean shorts (a.k.a. jorts), but I caved and bought a pair today.  It was so hot and I had on my skinny jeans and I just couldn't take it anymore.  And they are kinda in style this summer.  Plus, I had a pair of grey Paige jeans that have been collecting dust in my closet for quite some time now, so I took them to Hem and got a $30 credit.  Granted, $30 takes you about as far as your mailbox there.  These J Brand shorts were still pretty pricey and buying them put me over my budget that I had clearly set out for myself, but, oh well, I caved.  At least I have something to wear during the summer when I don't feel like wearing a dress. 

After that I caved on my "I should eat healthy" thing I had going on and I went to hey cupcake to try their new Sweetberry flavor cupcake.  It's strawberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting.  Verdict?  It's delicious, but my favorite is still the red velvet. 

Oh well, look how skinny I still am!  I'm going to install the hey cupcake mirror in my house.

Here's to a Friday filled with self indulgences.

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