Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stanton Grand Opening Party Recap

Conquerors of the denim world of Austin, sisters Loree and Aimee have branched out from their jean store Hem to venture into clothing other than denim.  Stanton clothing company carries clothes for both women and men.  The sisters wanted to create a shop that was for the everyday woman and man with affordable clothes including dresses, tanks, tops, and some jewelry for the gals and casual polos, button downs, and shorts for the guys.

The store itself seems small at first glance, but there are a lot of really cute gems tucked away in this store.  I particularly liked the selection of clothes for guys.  There are just not that many local stores in Austin that carry clothes for guys at a price where you don't feel like you have to sell an arm and a leg
for just a shirt.  That shirt better have  a damn good print on it to distract from your recent lack of appendages.  For the girls, there are only a couple of dresses that were priced over $100 (ones made with higher end fabric such as silk.)  The jewelry wall consists of affordable necklaces and earrings mostly priced somewhere around $20.  One of the cool things about Stanton is that it sits right next to Hem, so, if you need a pair of jeans to try on with a top, the sisters are not afraid to run next door and grab an appropriate pair.

The shindig last night featured a DJ, beer, wine, and a lovely spread with some delicious lamb chops that I tried to resist eating since I had plans to eat at Trudy's later that evening.  But let's not kid ourselves, when do I ever say no to free delicious food?  Everyone I met at the party was genuinely nice (which isn't rare in Austin, but still makes me happy every time I experience it).

 Check out some of the lovelies that were in attendance:

Oh, hey, it's the owners of Embellish the nail salon and boutique. 
 It's either the cutest overgrown mouse you have ever seen or the smallest dog in the universe.  You decide.
You can tell just by looking at this girly that she works at a hair salon.  Wild Orchid is the one. 
It's my new friend Chris a.k.a CJ who loves to shop locally and enjoys a good potato chip like I do.  That bag in her hand is in fact holding several Stanton purchases. 
That floral skirt is a Stanton skirt in the store as we speak.

To sum things up, another Austin boutique has been put up to the "keep austin stylish" test and I have no hesitation to come back and shop at Stanton in the future.  I am happy to add it to my constantly updated local boutique list of Austin.

keep austin stylish


Brunch girls said...

Wow those sisters are crazy talented! you have no idea how badly reading your blog makes us want to fly out to austin!

joanna said...

If y'all are ever in austin you must let me know so that we can go shopping together!