Monday, May 3, 2010

UT "High Voltage" Fashion Show Recap: Part 2

After the main collections had walked the runway at the UT Fashion Show, the evening and bridal gowns were ready to be shown.  This part of the night is probably the most exciting because of the drama.  Evening gowns are more special and make more of a statement than the collections.  And I don't think there is another type of clothing that girls and women enjoy looking at more than wedding gowns.  When one of the last bridal gowns was walking down the runway I hear the girl sitting behind me say "oh please don't let this be the last one!"  No wonder there is an entire TV show dedicated to the process of picking out a wedding dress (admit it, you've sat down and watched "Say Yes to the Dress" and couldn't change the channel until it was over.)

Here are some of the gowns that made us not want to change the channel:

Designer: Brandy-Courtney Williams

Designer: Fifile Nguyen

Designer: Jennifer Sweetland
Whoa.  This one was definitely different.

Designer: Lucy Murphey

Designer: Molly White
This dress might have been my favorite.  This is something I could see myself wearing.

Designer: Michelle French

Designer: Audrey Young
This looks like something we could see at the Oscars.

Designer: Leslie Russell
Look at the draping and the movement of that dress!  I'm not a fan of olive and brown together because if I wore that I would probably feel like a tree, but the draping is impressive.

Designer: Steven Campos
Winner of "Best Evening Gown"
I think Steven won Best Evening Gown because it was a different type of gown than what you would expect and it looks like it was constructed well.  I thought this one was really cool and stood out on the runway, but I would still pick Molly White's dress if I had to choose one to wear.

Some of the Bridal Gowns:
Designer: Julia Goodman

Designer: Ashley Westerman

Designer: Beth Yoder

Designer: Jil Lancaster

Kara Conner

Designer: Monica Li
Honorable Mention Bridal Gown

Designer: Joy Kang Hwanhee
Winner of Best Bridal Gown

Congratulations to all the designers.  Y'all did an awesome job and the fashion show went extremely well this year.  Next year will have a lot to live up to.

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