Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Lovely

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could feel like a modern day Eliza Dolittle?  That's exactly what happens when you put on this black and white striped hat from Soigne.  Add some lace, a bow, and a cream and gold necklace from local designer Stephanie Jimenez and you are on your way to becoming a fair lady.  These looks prove that you can still look sophisticated and pulled together in the heat of summer. You don't have to look like a Cockney flower girl all the time.


        Hat and Romper: Soigne; belt: SoLa; Shoes: Macy's
        Top: Adelante; Necklace: Stephanie Jimenez Jewelry; Skirt: Forever 21
        Dress: Adelante
        Dress: Soigne; Necklace: Stephanie Jimenez Jewelry; Shoes: SoLa

Dress: Soigne; Necklace: Stephanie Jimenez Jewelry

All of the local clothes and accessories seen in this spread are in stores right now.  Stephanie's jewelry can be purchased at Anna Gray Gift and Jewelry Boutique, Beyond Tradition, and C.Jane.  The necklace featured here will be available for purchase on her website.

keep austin stylish


kesoape said...

Why aren't you, like, a foot taller so you can go on America's Next Top Model!!

joanna said...

was I smizing?

My Fashionable Affair said...

this is an incredible post. the photographs are beautiful...the outfit make me swoon.

James McDaniel said...

These photos are beautiful! Who was the photographer?

joanna said...

A really attractive boy. You wouldn't know him.

Ashleigh said...

beautiful post!

found you on 20SB - looking forward to keeping up!

Rhea said...

found you through 20sb, I love the movie "My Fair Lady" love Audrey Hepburn too. Your photos are beautiful! i adore the stripe dress! Thanks for sharing that.