Saturday, July 3, 2010

Admiring the Hem Window Art

Have y'all ever noticed the awesome art that is in the windows of Hem Jeans?  It's pretty cool because it incorporates 3 iconic Austin things: the Frost Bank tower, the Capitol, and the Alamo Drafthouse;  but everything is all denim-y.  I think this artwork was designed by Pixel Peach Studio which, in spite of making websites (including their own) that automatically play music, they make some of the most badass websites and graphic design. 

Everyone: please stop making websites that automatically play music when you go to them! This is beyond annoying.  The Hem website is awesome, but make sure your speakers are turned down low or off. Ugh.

Pixel Peach Studio is also behind this year's Austin Fashion Week posters.

keep austin stylish

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