Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Have Nothing To Wear

This is the night I felt like I had "nothing to wear."  As much as I know this statement is always a lie, on certain nights it feels like the most honest thing I could protest.  I decided to wear a loose tee that smelled of barbecue, a sequined skirt I thought I would only ever wear in Vegas, and my cowboy boots (which I should just start referring to as my feet since they are worn so often).  July 4th weekend in Austin, Texas.  Gotta love it.

top: SoLa, necklace: Room Service, skirt: Goodie Two Shoes

keep austin stylish


Anonymous said...

I love this combo! Pairing something dressy with something casual is a favorite of mine! And, who doesn't love cowboy boots?

joanna said...

Yes! I think it's a very good combo especially for dressing in Austin. Casually chic ;)

livin wide said...

love it! you look smokin.