Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun Fashion Find: Jean Diapers

"HUGGIES® gets fashion forward with new denim diaper design to help your baby stay trendy while keeping dry."

Umm what the hell is going on here?? Why do we need babies to look like they are wearing jean shorts?  My friend James found these in a store in New Mexico and sent me this photo.  Have y'all seen these in Austin yet?  Apparently they came out a couple of months ago so I don't know why I am just now hearing about this ridiculousness.  Check out this hilarious commercial:


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen them, but I have seen the commercial. They are strange.

Side Street Style said...

Hahaha that is sooo funny...this post made my day. Well it's never too soon to start sporting denim and jeans haha :)

Laura x

amy said...

When I first saw that commercial, I didn't believe it was real. Except, you know, it was on TV. All things you see on TV are real, right? ;)

If I had a baby, he or she would most certainly not be wearing these jean diapers.