Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Natural Neutrals

If you follow me on twitter then you might have already seen me in this dress.  I posted a photo of me wearing it in the dressing room of Urban Outfitters.  I had to immediately share my excitement of finding a super cute dress on sale for only $9.99.  Yes this dress was $9.99!  I love how it uses what most people might consider to be bland neutrals, and yet, is still a really interesting dress.  I have actually always been a big fan of grey and consider it to be one of the most interesting colors.  

Mixing neutrals is a trend I have noticed recently that I and other fashion conscious people have been sporting.  I like how this outfit has a natural vibe, without being granola.  And, my elephant necklace adds the perfect pop of color to keep things intereting.

dress: Urban Outfitters, belt: SoLa, necklace: K.Flories Antiques in Ft.Worth, boots: practically antique, purse: Michael Kors in the Domain

That purse is my new Michael Kors purse.  I notoriously do not like purses or shopping for purses.  In college I used to jam my phone into an oversized wallet so that I didn't have to carry an actual purse.  I'm not sure why I thought having to hold a wallet was more convenient than a purse, but that's how it was.  But, I have warmed up to purses more and I am surprisingly loving this MK purse.  It helps that it's cream and goes with everything.

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livin wide said...

love love love it!

i need to get over to UO - that dress is fab and for $10?!...and i'm totally digging the elephant. super excited on your purse purchase - it's too cute.

Anonymous said...

Grey is my favorite neutral. Cute dress!

atoodleleedo said...

love your pictures, outfits, blog!!

check mine out: atoodleleedo.blogspot.com

Elinor Jane said...

Looooove the dress! Grey has long been my favorite color to wear, although I've lately been getting into white.