Friday, July 9, 2010

What Happens at an ANTM Casting

I went to the America's Next Top Model casting call yesterday.  I figured I might as well go through the process to get a real report of what it was like.

The casting call started at 2:00.  I arrived at the Driskill and got in line around 1:30.  There were already a lot of girls standing in line by the time I got there.  It took about 3 hours for me to get to the front where they hand you a folder with your number on it to put all your filled out forms and photos in.  I was #98 in line which seemed odd to me because the line actually felt mcuh longer than that.  But, I have never been good at judging how many people are in a large group.

Once called inside you stand in front of a camera in a room with about 4 people.  They hand you a microphone and ask you a couple of questions.  The questions are what you might expect.  "What made you want to audition to be on America's Next Top Model?"  "Why do you think you would be good for America's Next Top Model?"  "What do you think makes someone a great model?"  I can't even really tell you what my answers were because I get very nervous speaking in front of a camera and groups of people!  If they wanted to pick a shaky girl who sounded like she didn't have a clue why she was there, then I would have been a good choice.  After this, they make you stand back and walk a couple of steps, turn around, and walk back.

Overall, it was a very simple process.  However, I advise anyone who wants to go to one of these casting calls to make sure you have ALL the appropriate things with you when you get there.  On the CW website they have forms for you to print and fill out and they say what all you need to bring.  Two of the girls who I met in line waited all that time and then got to the front only to be dismissed because they didn't bring photos.  They were in line taking photos of themselves with their iPhone trying to figure out a way to print them! I couldn't help but laugh a little at this.  How could you wait in line for hours without being prepared??

My other advice is to come wearing something simple.  There were a lot of girls there with crazy ass outfits on (some sort of cute but some really ugly.)  For a model casting you are supposed to wear something plain like a tank top, jeans, and heels with little makeup on.  Your beauty and personality will speak for themselves.  Models are supposed to be a blank canvas.  This is what I wore to the casting call:

I kept it simple and wore my most comfortable heels.

 tee: Madewell in the Domain, jeans: SoLa, shoes: Soigne

Anyway, I obviously didn't get picked for this.  They chose only one girl out of the 200 that applied.  The winner is Teresa Cantu whose photo I recognize from fashion events.  Check her out:

There she is modeling for Ciarla bride.

Congrats Teresa!

keep austin stylish


Cathy Benavides said...

They totally should have picked you! However, that girl looks like she could trow down in a cat fight, so she'll be good for TV. LOVE your shoes!!

joanna said...

bahaha! thanks

livin wide said...

i'm with cathy - love the shoes AND you looked marvelous.

so great of you to go for it.

Stacy said...

Really? You look way better than that girl and much more "modely" in my opinion. But it's not like that show really ever picks the pretty girls anyway!

joanna said...

haha! thanks for all the love.

GraceMarie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience!!! I recently tried out for ANTM as they contact you either way if you have made it to the next round?

joanna said...

GraceMarie- I'm not sure. I think so!