Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion FAIL: what have I done?

I vowed at some point in my life to never wear sweatpants or anything like sweatpants out in public.  But, there I was the other day, going straight from a long day of work to yoga and then home to quickly cook dinner because I was starving. At this point I should have taken a shower and changed, but I was really wanting some frozen yogurt for dessert.  By then it was 10:30 and my favorite frozen yogurt place near my house, Berry Austin, closes at 11.  This is the result:

Thanks to my bff Josh for fashion failing me.

Hopefully this is the last time I have to Fashion FAIL myself, but, I'm not making any promises.

keep austin stylish


MairaLG said...

Ah, no worries. That's what happens when you have a long day. Had you gone anywhere but the yogurt shop at that time, then I think your fail would have been much more dramatic.

joanna said...

Agreed. Not the hugest of Fails, but I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that I am not a fashion robot.